07. 12. 2011

Passat TDI versus 458 Italia

Am I the only one that’s noticed this? Both the supercar Ferrari 458 Italia and the proletarian Volkswagen Passat have the vanes (or as Ferrari calls them, “aeroelastic winglets”…la-dee-FRICKIN DAH) in the lower...

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04. 12. 2011

Back East

Recently my mom’s mom passed away, so I made the journey home to the East Coast for the funeral and some family time.  For good or ill, I can’t shut off the ‘car’...

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30. 11. 2011

The Porsche GT2RS, and Prius = Tebow

I love spending time in California, because time spent there guarantees spotting both amazing and, shall we say, thought-provoking cars.  While on the road for the trip detailed in the last post, we...

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27. 11. 2011

LA Auto Show AND a newsbyte you won’t find anywhere else

“I love it when a plan comes together,” quoth the great Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith.  I said the same when I saw the LA Auto Show, Thanksgiving, and some time off from work...

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26. 11. 2011

Rennsport Reunion IV – Part 4 – The Journey, Concluded

The Whoa Nellie Deli (whoanelliedeli.com) is situated inside what is locally called “The Mobil” in Lee Vining, CA.  Nothing they sell at the place, gas or food, is inexpensive, but there’s a lovely...

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18. 11. 2011

The Downfall of Honda/Acura

I suppose the title should conclude with “in the US passenger car market.” Who knows how many industries Honda is really into, anyway? To find out, you could start with Honda.com, which lists...

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18. 11. 2011

Jetta Sportwagen TDI – First Prod

This afternoon, after #1 woke up from his nap, his Mommy started asking him what he’d like to do.  I was downstairs or something, so I missed out on exactly how he came...

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16. 11. 2011

Rennsport Reunion IV – Part 3 – The Journey, Continued

Now, the town of Benton is where one finds the eastern end of CA-120, the magical mountain road that twists, rocks, and rolls from there through Yosemite National Park, and nearly to Oakland...

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15. 11. 2011

I Gotta Have More 928

A quick break from the Rennsport Reunion story. The Porsche slice of my life seems all aflutter with 928s recently.  To start, having acquired a Porsche flat six, I’ve now got a hankering...

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13. 11. 2011

Rennsport Reunion IV – Part 2 – The Journey

We topped off the gas tank just north of Vegas at http://www.lvpaiutesmokeshop.com/.  I’d done some rather precise fuel/distance calculations and was planning on stretching the 911 to nearly the limit of its one-tank endurance...

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