03. 10. 2017

Sweet Jumps

For me, the most obvious indication of the macro-passage of time is my two boys.  They nonchalantly toss ever-more complex words and sentences at me every day, they type almost as fast as...

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27. 06. 2017

Horsepower is Now Completely Meaningless

The 2018 Toyota Camry will boast an (optional) direct-injected 3.5-liter V6 producing 301 horsepower and 276 pound-feet of torque. Chew on that for a moment. The 2018 Camry eats that ’86 930 Turbo...

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28. 04. 2017

Digital Exclusivity

I’ve just learned that Great Plains Region cancelled their Spring Fling Driver Education event out at Raceway Park of the Midlands this weekend. (A moment of silence for my loss, please.) However, this...

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27. 02. 2017

Chicago Auto Show 2017

Downtown Chicago.  The McCormick Center.  It is, as most big-city convention centers are, a massive facility, and this one is especially well-suited to the rigors of being home to the Chicago Auto Show. ...

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27. 01. 2017

The List, January 2017

It’s a sickness—I’m always thinking about what car I’d have next.  If the 996 C4S were the last car I ever owned, life would still have been lived quite to the fullest…but there’s...

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01. 11. 2016

RallyCross Nationals 2016

The SCCA is racing for the pure joy of racing. There’s no fanfare, there’s very little coverage or recognition, and a sizeable chunk of it isn’t even wheel-to-wheel.  It’s grass-roots, rain or blazing...

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22. 09. 2016

Black Label

You didn’t know Lincoln makes a 400hp, 400lb-ft, AWD Audi-killer?  You are forgiven, because the base-model MKZ is a snooze-fest.  Admittedly it’s a better-looking snooze-fest lately, now that the front fascia has been...

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28. 08. 2016

Bavarian Bounce-Back

With the arrival of the turbocharged 991.2 Carrera (which is apparently brilliant), the classic rear-engined Porsche now starts at prices north of ninety grand.  That’s all fine and dandy if you’ve got that sort...

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28. 08. 2016

Complexity or Electricity

A few auto-journalist personalities recently published some material that dovetailed rather thought-provokingly.  First was Aaron Robinson of Car & Driver, who penned an article titled “Have We Reached Peak Engine?”  Next was Freddy...

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31. 01. 2016

NAIAS 2016 – CAFE Before Beauty

The data is coming in from the Year of our Lord 2015, and it is downright rosy.  In the good ol’ U.S. of A., 17.47 million light-duty vehicles were sold last year, more...

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